Why is stainless steel good for the food processing industry?

Stainless Steel

Why is stainless steel good for the food processing industry?

Stainless steel produces many kitchen applications for the food industry, such as food processing applications ( preparation, hot water lines, and transportation), agriculture applications (watering tanks, storage tanks, mechanical and electronic equipment), food preparation applications ( cutlery, pots, pans, sink). It uses stainless steel for processing machines to make and package food hygienically. Stainless steel is used for making milking machines

How to use stainless steel in the food processing industry 

Stainless steel makes many pieces of equipment in the food processing industry because steel creates a suitable environment for food. 

Why is stainless steel good for food processing steel 

Stainless steel is a gold standard for making many kitchen equipment. There are some reasons to use stainless steel equipment, such as 

  • Easy to clean 
  • Good quality of equipment and excellent strength
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Transfer food smells 
  • Good corrosion resistance 
  • Non Reactive surface 
  • Various finishes are available 
  • Bacteria and chemical neutrality 

Stainless steel makes food processing equipment such as 

  • Diary machinery 
  • Industrial oven
  • peeling machine
  • ice cream machines 
  • Food mixers 
  • Food silos, etc. 

Choosing the best stainless steel food grade for application

There are various types of stainless steel available. You can choose the best steel for food-grade because some stainless steel applications consider food processing. There are some food-grade stainless steel manufactured 300 series and 400 series steels. 

300 series 

Its steel finish is nonmagnetic because the series has been fabricated with nickel and chromium with about 8% and 18% mass.

400 series  

The series contains pairs of chromium with a small assortment and other elements. It is a unique composition.it is attracted by magnetic 

If you have bought stainless steel equipment before, know all about the properties of stainless steel in food safes because all stainless steel is not magnetic and nonmagnetic such as the 300 series and 400 series. There are available other stainless steel from the 300 and 400 series, which include 


304-grade stainless steel is used in food-grade stainless steel. Use for processing like dairy, beer, and other processors. Stainless steel is affordable for the food processing environment. They allow us to make other stainless steel equipment such as dishwashers, storage tanks, etc.

316 grade 

It has better corrosion resistance compared to 304 stainless steel. It is a popular steel used for commercial food production. 

430 grade 

This form contains less nickel in the 300 series, and that corrosion is a harsh environment than those in the part of the 400 series. It is a cost-effective food processing. 

It can tolerate moisture and chemicals.

All types of stainless steel are made to tolerate moisture and chemicals.  

High heat resistance 

It has a high resistance to heat in different food processing. Its finish also contains fireproof properties. 

Comprised the right amount of chromium 

The steel must have eleven percent chromium. It is rust and corrosion-resistant. 

Some companies use equipment made of stainless steel. Dairy Plant Manufacturer use stainless steel machinery for making quick and good dairy  products.