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H13 Hot Work Tool Steel India

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Main Characteristics and Applications

Equivalent Grades

H-13 1.2344 X40CrMoV 5-1 SKD-61 W302

Thermodur 2344

X40CrMoV5-1 C 0.40 Si 1.00 Cr 5.30 Mo 1.40 V 1.00

Steel properties

High hot-wear resistance and hot tensile strength as well as good toughness, thermal conductivity and insusceptibility to hotcracking. Can be water-cooled to a limited extent.



Physical properties

20 – 100 20 – 200 20 – 300 20 – 400 20 – 500 20 – 600 20 – 700
Coefficient of thermal expansion at °C 10-6 m/(m • K) 10.9 11.9 12.3 12.7 13.0 13.3 13.5
20 350 700
Thermal conductivity at °C W/(m • K) Annealed 27.2 30.5 33.4
Thermal conductivity at °C W/(m • K) Quenched and tempered 25.5 27.6 30.3


Besides applications typical for the area of hot-work steels, this grade is mainly used for ejector pins, tool holders and shrink fit chucks.

Heat treatment

Soft annealing °C Cooling Hardness HB
750 – 800 Furnace max. 230
Stress-relief annealing °C Cooling
approx. 600 – 650 Furnace
Hardening °C Quenching Hardness after quenching HRC
1020 – 1050 Air, oil or saltbath, 500 – 550 °C 54
100 200 300 400 500 550 600 650 700
Tempering °C HRC 53 52 52 54 56 54 50 42 32

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Time-temperature transformation diagram

Tempering diagram

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