M-35 Quality High-Speed Steel

M-35 high-speed steel is molybdenum mixed with cobalt, and its properties make it much better than normal steel. The overall properties are the reason its demand is all around the globe. Bk Steel company is one of the leading Steel distributors of AISI M35 High Speed Steel India to serve the customer purpose. We are also a proud dealer of:

  • Gloria
  • Sanyo Special Steel
  • Musco

Equivalent Grades

M-35 1.3243 HS6-2-5-5 SKH55 S 705

Rapidur 3343

HS6-5-2-5 C 0.92 Mo 5.00 V 1.90 W 6.40 Co 4.80

Steel Properties & Components of M-35 High-speed steel

Under the name Rapidur 3245, AISI M 35 + S and material number 1.3245, this steel grade is supplied with a higher sulphur content (S = 0.10 %). It has components such as Tungsten (W) & Cobalt (Co), Vanadium (V) grades, and Molybdenum (Mo). The material stands apart because of its amazing features like red hardness, easy-to-manage high hardness, and perfectly balanced cutting features. With these, it’s possible to come up with the best grade and evenly distributed working mechanism. Manufacturing is based on quality material with high standards that make it appropriate against wear resistance and tensile strength. Bk Steel company is your one-stop destination to get quality and economical ISI M35 High Speed Steel in Ludhiana, Punjab.


AISI M35 AFNOR Z85WDKCV06-05-05-04-02

Applications of M-35 High Speed Steel

The M-35 high-speed steel are used for various applications like:

  • Heavy duty milling, shaper cutters, broaches, reamers, cutting tools, and rotary shaver cutters for machining hard materials, hole punching dies for producing nuts & tap drills, and socket heads.
  • Heavy roughing work, difficult to machine cast steel, gray cast iron, chill castings NF metals & non-metal material, and machining high tensile steels.
  • Turning, rough milling cutters, and planning & shaping tool
  • Die blocks, broaching tools, cold extrusion rams, and tools are subject to extensive mechanical stresses.
  • End mills, stamping & punching tools, hobs, shaper cutters, cold forming tools, cutting tools, and working rolls for cluster rolling stands.

Heat treatment

Soft annealing °C Cooling Hardness HB
820 – 860 Furnace max. 269
Stress-relief annealing °C Cooling
630 – 650 Furnace
1st pre-heating °C 2nd and 3rd pre-heating °C Hardening1 °C Quenching Tempering °C Hardness after tempering HRC
up to approx. 400 in an air-circulating furnace a) 850 and b) 850 and 1050 1190 – 1230 a) Saltbath,550 °C and b) Oil and c) Air at least twice 540 – 570 64 – 67

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