M 42

M-42 High Speed Steel

M42 is referred to as the molybdenum series that has high-speed steel alloy having cobalt up to 8% to 10%. Bk Steel Company offers you the quality and affordable AISI M42 High Speed Steel India to fulfill all your business and project needs. The material gets huge preference because of its superior red hardness compared to other materials. The approach reduces the cycle time and offers a higher cutting speed, offering easier tool change.

The increasing demand for AISI M42 High Speed Steel in Ludhiana, Punjab, is also less prone to chipping and ensures no such major interrupted cuts. Additionally, the cost factor reduces in comparison to other materials. The specific grade stands apart because of its higher grind ability.

Equivalent Grades

M-42 1.3247 HS2-10-1-8 SKH59 S 500


C Cr Mo W Co V
1.08 3.8 9.4 1.5 8.0 1.2

Steel properties stand out in all ways

High-speed steel and high-carbon depend upon molybdenum. The material offers higher toughness, red hardness, and high wear resistance that’s difficult to get from anywhere else. Obviously, the results will be better when one material exhibits all such fascinating features.

Standards of M-42 High Speed Steel

  • UK: BM42
  • USA: AISI M42
  • Germany: 1.3247
  • Sweden: SS2723
  • Japan: JIS SKH59
  • Europe: HS 2-9-1-8
  • France: AFNOR Z110DKCWV9.


Typical soft annealed hardness is 270 HB Cold drawn and cold rolled material is typically 10-40 HB harder

Applications of M42 High-speed steel

Common uses are End Mills, Blades, Taps, Thread Roll Dies, Punches, Header Tooling, Reamers, Broaches, Form Tools, and Milling Cutters. The tools that need severe mechanical wear suit the necessary applications. It’s even getting a lot of attention in the aviation industry because of its high-rated technicalities and functionalities.

Different forms supplied

There are different forms for M-42 like drawn wire, round bars, flat bars, discs, bi-metal edge, and wire rod.

Availability of surface conditions: Drawn, rolled, hot rolled, turned, peeled, and ground.

Heat Treatment for M-42 High-Speed Steel

  • Soft annealing requires a protective atmosphere of around 3 hours with an 850-900°C. Then comes slow cooling to air cooling to 10°C per hour down to 700°C.
  • Managing stress for around 2 hours from 600°C to 700°C. Afterward, slow cooling brings everything to 500°C.
  • Preheating results in 450-500°C and 850-900°C with the right temperature. Maintaining the right temperature is essential to get the right types of hardness.
  • Another imperative way is to handle everything for 1 hour at 560°C every time.


Tempering temperature

Hardness after hardening, quenching and tempering 3×1 hour

Tool Hardening Tempering
Single-edge cutting tools 1190°C 560°C
Multi-edge cutting tools 1150-1180°C 550-570°C
Cold work tools 1050-1150°C 550-570°C


EM42 can be worked as follows:

  • Polishing
  • Hot forming
  • Electrical discharge machining
  • Machining (grinding, turning, and milling)
  • Welding (special procedure including preheating and filler materials of base material composition).


Temperature 20°C 400°C 600°C
Density g /cm3 8.0 7.9 7.9
Modulus of elasticity kN/mm² 225 200 180
Thermal expansion ratio per °C 11.5×10-6 11.8×10-6
Thermal conductivity W/m°C 24 28 27
Specific heat J/kg °C 420 510 600

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Bk Steel company has been in Steel Manufacturer business for many years, and we even collaborate with some renowned dealers, namely Gloria, Sanyo Special Steel, and Musco. If you would like to place an order, get hold of our team and tell us the necessary amount you are looking for.

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