AISI: P20 + Ni HH

AISI: P20 + Ni HH Plastic Mould Steel In India

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VR400 offers high hard tool steel offering a thickness of around 1300 mm. The thickness helps to make blocks of different sizes with exceptional performance and hardening homogeneity. Additionally, it stands out perfectly in plastic injection moulds, big size moulds, and compression moulds. The properties allow it to be used in texturing and the automotive industry. The improved performance and overall design offer several benefits:

  • Increase polishability
  • Good toughness
  • Enhances weldability
  • Thermal conductivity gets much better
  • Makes an exceptional choice for texturing

Equivalent Grades

P-20 + Ni HH 1.2738 HH 40CrMnNiMo8-6-4 / VR 400 M238

Comparable standards

VR400 1.2738 HH

Chemical composition (typical; in weight %)

C Si Mn P (max) S (max) Cr Mo Ni
0.27-0.30 0.03 1.50-1.60 0.010 0.001 1.20-1.40 0.45-0.60 1.05-1.20


Production technology

EAF – LF – VD – Forging – Heat treatment QT

US specification

In according to standard EN10228-3 Class 4 and standard SEP 1921 Class E/e

Delivery condition

VR400 is delivered in quenched and tempered condition, with hardness range 360 – 400 HB (39 – 43 HRC).

Through hardenability

The high performance of hardenability for thickness 1300 mm, is obtained by an optimized balance of chemical composition and a special manufacturing process.

Physical properties (reference values)

20°C 100°C 250°C 500°C
Thermal expansion coefficient (10-6/K) 11.4 11.6 12.7 14.2
Thermal conductivity (W/mk) 36 36.7 38 34.3
Young modulus (Kn/mm2) 211 207 199 166

Heat treatment

Annealing Heat to 650 – 700 °C Min. H.T. for 2 minute /mm Air or furnace In order to obtain hardness lower than 250 HB ( 24 HRC) to improve machinability
Stress relieving Heat to 500 – 550 °C Min. H.T. for 2 minute /mm Air or furnace To be carried out after machining, is recommended to eliminate the residual stresses induced by mechanical working
Hardening Heat to 860-900°C Min. H.T. for 1 minute /mm Polymer
Tempering Heat to 550 – 610°C Min. H.T. for 3 minute /mm Air or furnace To be carried out after hardening. 2nd Tempering must be performed to max 30°C below tempering temperature

AISI: P20 + Ni HH Plastic Mould Steel Stockist in India

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C.C.T. curve

Mechanical properties

Tempering curve

Polishing Range

Texturing Samples

Texturing performed by Standex Mold-tech with patterns Standex MT 9086, MT 9055 and 9083

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