High-Speed Steels

Most Common Cutting tool Material

Plastic Moulding Steels

Offers High Impact Strength and is Used In Pre-Hardened Condition

Hot Work Tool Steel

Precisely For High-Temperature Applications


Offers Good Dimensional Stability & Highly Wear Resistance


Combination of Carbon Steel With One Or Many Alloying Elements

More than 3500 tones stock from following Brands

B.K. Steel Company takes pride in getting high-quality steel products from Seah CSS, Sanyo Special Steel Company, GMTC, Schmiedewerke Groditz GMH GRUPPE, and Musco. Our service as a whole is our pride, and delivering quality without any glitches. The appreciation and trust of the customers are what makes us keep going and deliver premium results every time. Not just the distributor's role, but our company offers valuable guidance and necessary suggestions to our clients to opt for good tools, a lot, and special steels. The linchpin of our company is to commit to achieving operational excellence and bringing innovation to the industry.

Schmiedewerke Groditz GMH GRUPPE
Seah CSS
Sanyo Special Steel Company

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