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Bk Steel Company has been the proud supplier and stockist for the AISI H21 Hot Tool Steel India for many years. Being one of the effective resistance materials in different scenarios, the entire work makes it reliable on different platforms. Additionally, it’s highly effective in terms of grades and other essential properties, allowing it to stand out perfectly compared to other types of tools.

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Main Characteristics

Tungsten-chrome-vanadium steel makes a reliable choice in terms of oil hardening and air. The given approach helps to increase firmness, hardenability, and heat resistance against tempering and good toughness. Steel property is not that resistant to thermal fatigue and helps to change the temperature quickly. Any of the tools cooled down through water is not right through steel. The soft-annealed state makes it right.


The tools used for hot mechanical working are the ones that are needed to insert die and small pressing die. It’s used for different products in terms of thorns and jaws, forgings for swaging, copper alloys, tools used for the production of nuts, rivets, and screws, along with different pressing discs. Additionally, it comes with a movable part in the core, mold, and other highly stressed parts to make it exceptionally perfect.

Equivalent Grades

H-21 1.2581 X30W CrV 9-3 W100 SKD-5

Comparable standards

X30WCrV-9-3 1.2581 ~55NCD07-05 H-21 ~224 SKD5

Chemical composition (typical; in weight %)

C Si Mn P (max) S (max) Cr W V
0.25-0.35 0.10-0.40 0.15-0.45 0.035 0.035 2.50-3.20 8.00-9.00 0.30-0.50

Heat treatment of steel W.Nr. 1.2581

Way Temperature [°C] Procedure
Forging 900-1150 Cool slowly in air or better in dry ash or in other thermally-insulated material
Soft annealing 750-800 Warm few hours (according to the size of object), mostly four hours are enough and cool slowly in the furnace
Annealing to lower tension 600-650 Warm 1 to 2 hours and cool slowly in the furnace
Hardening 1100-1150 Cool in oil to the temperature of about 100 °C
1120-1170 Cool bigger and difficult-shape tools in air or in thermal bath at the temperature of 500 – 550 °C
Tempering 550-650 Cool in air, the degree of tempering is set by hardness and toughness of instrument according to the tempering chart


Chart of tempering values depending on the hardness:

°C 100 200 300 400 500 550 600 650 700
HRC 52 51 50 50 51 52 51 48 37
N/mm2 1790 1730 1690 1670 1730 1790 1730 1570 1170

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