AISI D3 Cold Work Steel

AISI D3 Cold Work Steel in India

BK Steel Company is one of the reputable brand names for supplying D3 Cold Work Steel India at an affordable cost. We ensure never compromise in terms of quality and offer service that stands out on all possible levels. Our team makes sure to do enough market research to deliver the best possible end results.

Our customer-oriented approach and business functionality have made us a trusted name in the market. We stick to the necessary business values and ethics for delivering what’s best and the customers’ needs. In the AISI D3, 1.2080, X210Cr12, SKD1, and K 100, we follow all the specifications to ensure the best results are achieved, and customers get the necessary product searching for.

Main Characteristics and Applications

Cutting tools for sheets up to 4 mm thickness, trimming dies, blanking dies for paper and plastics, shear blades and rotary shear blades for sheet thicknesses up to 2 mm, drawing and deep-drawing tools. Woodworking tools, stone pressing tools, pressure pads and highly wear-resistant plastic moulds, profile rolls. The variety of applications and flexible approach plays an important factor for making the D3 Cold Work Steel Punjab have an increasing demand all around the globe .

Equivalent Grades

D-3 1.2080 X210Cr12 SKD-1 K 100

Comparable standards

X210Cr12 1.2080 Z200C12 D-3 SKD1

Chemical composition (typical; in weight %)

C Si Mn P (max) S (max) Cr
1.90-2.20 0.10-0.60 0.20-0.60 0.03 0.03 11.0-13.0

Physical properties (reference values)

20°C 100°C 250°C 350°C 500°C 600°C 700°C
Coefficient of thermal expansion at °C 10-6 m/(W/mk) 10.8 11.7 12.2 12.6 12.8 13.1 13.3
Thermal conductivity at °C (W/mk) 16.7 20.5 24.2

Steel properties

12 % ledeburitic chromium tool steel with extreme wear resistance.

Heat treatment

Threading rolls and dies, cold extrusion tools, trimming, cutting and stamping tools for sheet thicknesses up to 6 mm, precision cutting tools for sheet thicknesses up to 12 mm, cold pilger mandrels, circular-shear blades, deep-drawing tools, pressure pads and highly wear-resistant plastic moulds.

Annealing Heat to 800 – 840 °C Min. H.T. for 2 minute /mm Furnace max. 250
Stress relieving Heat to 650 – 700 °C Min. H.T. for 2 minute /mm furnace
Hardening Heat to 930 – 960 and 950 – 980 °C Min. H.T. for 1 minute /mm oil Air (up to 30 mm thickness) 64


Hardening temperature HRC

°C 100 200 300 400 500 600
HRC 63 62 59 57 54 46

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BK Steel Company offers only the products that call for quality and serve the most exceptional results. Our service has made us the first choice for several clients who have been in search of the D3 Cold Work Steel in Punjab, India. Moreover, all the necessary products are available at an affordable cost.

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Tempering diagram

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