M-2 High-Speed Steel

M-2 high-speed steel is one of the most balanced and wear-resistance materials. The specific grade is valuable for various reasons and has feasible cutting applications. Research has shown it to be the most reliable for various applications because of its superior features that are difficult to find anywhere else. Bk steel company is the proud Steel suppliers of the known brand to ensure that we serve you with high-quality AISI M2 High-Speed Steel India:

  • Gloria
  • Sanyo Special Steel
  • Musco

Equivalent Grades

M-2 1.3343 HS6-5-2 SKH51 S 600

Rapidur 3343

HS6-5-2C C 0.90 Si 0.30 Mn 0.30 Cr 4.10 Mo 5.00 V 1.90 W 6.40


AISI M2 AFNOR Z85WDCV06-05-04-02

Physical properties – Thermal conductivity

at °C 20 350 700
W/(m • K) 32.8 23.5 25.5

Applications of M-2 High-Speed Steel

Some known uses of M-2 high-speed steel are Broaches, Knives, Drills, Taps, Ends, Mills, Rolling Racks, Pins, Reamers, Thread roll Dies, Rolls, Mandrels, and Milling Cutters. If you have been in search of the quality and affordable AISI M2 High Speed Steel in Ludhiana, Punjab, then your search ends right here as we have various options in store for you.

Amazing properties of M2 High-speed steel

M2 high-speed steels hold different amazing properties that are categorized into different parts, and that includes:

M2 steel Hardness

The M2 steel hardness allows it to have better wear resistance features and steel high edge retention for better results.

M2 Edge retention

The M2 high-speed steel stands apart for holding a high level of sharpness and makes it appropriate for high-speed cutting. Especially for a sharp knife, the given material works the best as it serves the necessary features.
Apart from these, it has corrosion and resistance features which makes it effective for working for various purposes.

Heat treatment

Soft annealing °C Cooling Hardness HB
770 – 860 Furnace max. 269
Stress-relief annealing °C Cooling
630 – 650 Furnace
1st pre-heating °C 2nd and 3rd pre-heating °C Hardening1 °C Quenching Tempering °C Hardness after tempering HRC
up to approx. 400 in an air-circulating furnace a) 850 and b) 850 and 1050 1190 – 1230 a) Saltbath,550 °C and b) Oil and c) Air at least twice 530 – 560 64 – 66

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Isothermal timetemperaturetransformation diagram

Tempering diagram

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