EN 8


EN 8 Carbon Steel is known for its medium and good tensile strength. The EN 8 comes under the carbon steel category, which offers easier functionality to harden the material. The property of being at ease for reaching any machinable condition makes it all better. At BK Steel Company, you can get the right type of EN8 Alloy Steel India.

Equivalent Grades

C Mn Si Cr Ni Mo P S
EN 8 0.35-0.45 0.60-1.0 0.05-0.35 0.06 max 0.06 max

Ease to supply in untreatable condition

With EN8 Alloy Steel Ludhiana, there’s much ease to get it supplied in untreatable condition. Additionally, it offers a better kind of induction process, offering the right components with the right level of wear resistance property. Although, when it’s treated, the functionality gets even better than the processing can further get involved in various steps like:

  • The right type of homogenous metallurgical structures
  • Consistent matching properties on all possible levels

Heat treatment brings the difference in steel strength

EN8 can easily be tempered on the right heat level that falls between 550 °C to 660 °C (1022 °F-1220 °F). For effective results, the heat is given for around 1 hour to make it thick on the right levels and then allow it to cool down in water or air. The last step is the key to making it all hard.

Get bulk of EN 8 at an affordable cost

BK Steel Company is one of the known Steel distributors for EN8 Alloy Steel Punjab and other types of alloy. We offer the clients all the products at an affordable cost to meet their necessary needs. You can even get a quote from the team so that it’s easier for you to place the order.

Applications of EN8 Carbon Steel

The functionality and chemical composition of EN8 carbon steel is used for different types of general engineering applications. Additionally, the ones which offer higher strength as compared to mild steel. Some of the common applications are:

  • General-purpose axles
  • Shafts
  • Gears
  • Bolts and studs
  • Spindles
  • Automotive and general engineering components
  • Other general engineering parts

Would you like to place the order for any kind of steel?

BK Steel Company is one of the known distributors in India, serving clients with different needs. In case you want to place the order for EN 8 in bulk, then do let us know about the same. You can drop the email mentioning all the necessary information or give us a call. Our team will discuss everything with you so that you can proceed further.

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