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Bk Steel Company is one of the leading suppliers of o1 tool steel India. The exceptional range of quality products is the major reason our services get high levels of trust among the customers. If you have been searching for the O1 Tool Steel, DIN 1.2510, 100MnCrW4, SKS3, K46, then we are the proud suppliers for the same.

O1 Steel tool is passed through oil-quenched heat treatment and comes with a low alloy cold work tool. The extreme wearing and abrasive qualities allow it to stand apart on all possible levels. Additionally, the material offers a good cutting edge and small dimensional changes. The flexibility of the O1 Tool Steel Punjab makes it much easier to have the same in any of the choices you like.

Bk Steel Company Dealers

B.K. Steel Company Ludhiana, Punjab, some known dealers are Gloria Steel, Sanyo Special Steel, and Musco Steel. One thing is evident there has been increasing demand for the O1 Tool Steel Ludhiana.

Main Characteristics and Applications

Equivalent Grades

O-1 1.2510 100MnCrW4 SKS-3 K 460

Cryodur 2510

100MnCrW4 C 0.95 Si 0.20 Mn 1.10 Cr 0.60 V 0.10 W 0.60

Steel properties

Good cutting edge retention, high hardenability and dimensional stability during heat treatment.



Physical properties

20 350 700
Thermal conductivity at °C W/(m • K) 33.5 32.0 30.9


Blanking and stamping dies for cutting sheets up to 6 mm thickness, threading tools, drills, broaches, gauges, measuring tools, plastic moulds, shear blades, guide rails.

Heat treatment

Soft annealing °C Cooling Hardness HB
740 – 770 Furnace max. 230
Stress-relief annealing °C Cooling
approx. 650 Furnace
Hardening °C Quenching Hardness after quenching HRC
780 – 820 Oil or saltbath, 180 – 220 °C 64
100 200 300 400
Tempering °C HRC 64 62 57 53

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Time-temperature transformation diagram

Tempering diagram

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