Learn About High-Speed Steel at BK Steel Company

High Speed Steel

Learn About High-Speed Steel at BK Steel Company

BK Steel Company offers numerous types of steel, including high-speed steel, alloy steel, cold work tool steel, hot work tool steel, and more. We offer different grades of high-quality steel to each customer. We provide flexible and durable steel that fulfils your tool’s requirements. We provide tough and durable steel according to customer needs. We provide different types of steel with different properties. 


This video describes high-speed steel. This steel is made from various components, which include alloy and carbon steel, that help to make your application durable; you overly year use them. Using this steel extends the life of your tool in the long term. High-speed steel used for various applications often uses cutting tools, which include drills, taps, milling cutters, blades and more.  

When high-quality steel is not used in the production of your application, it becomes quickly breakable and fails to deliver optimal results. We provide robust, less maintenance, good quality steel to your project whether you use it for automobile or construction projects. If you want high speed steel for your durable and robust equipment, contact us. 

Alloy Steels High Speed Steel

How India’s Economic Growth is Fueling the Demand for Steel in 2023

India’s economic growth has been in a consistent upward direction over recent years. As the country progresses and develops, there is a corresponding ascent in the demand for steel. In fact, specialists anticipate that the demand for steel in India will take off in 2023, fueled by the country’s quick turn of development. This growth presents a superb chance for Best Steel distributor Company in Punjab and the rest of India. In this blog, we will investigate how India’s economic growth is driving the demand for steel, and how BK Steel Organization is ready to fulfill this growing need as a leading provider of alloy steel in Punjab. So let’s dive in and discuss this in detail.

Economic Growth and Steel Demand

As India continues to develop and create, it requires more steel to meet its infrastructure needs. Steel is a vital part of the development of buildings, streets, bridges, and rail routes. Therefore, as the Indian economy expands, so does the demand for steel. This growth is supposed to continue for years to come, making India a major part in the worldwide steel market.

Steel Dealers and the Rising Demand in Punjab

The rise in steel demand is great news for steel companies in Punjab and the rest of India. As the demand for steel increases, so does the requirement for steel dealers who can supply high-quality steel at reasonable prices. This presents a fabulous chance for steel dealers to develop their businesses and expand their compass.

Alloy Steel in Punjab

In addition to traditional steel, there is also a growing demand for alloy steel in Punjab and other parts of India. Alloy steel is a kind of steel that is made by combining different components with steel to make a metal that has improved properties like increased strength, sturdiness, and corrosion resistance. This kind of steel is utilized in a large number of utilizations, including aviation, construction, and engineering.

The Future of the Steel Industry in India

The future of the steel industry in India looks splendid. The country’s fast economic growth is supposed to continue for a long time to come, and this will bring about a corresponding increase in the demand for steel. As the demand for steel develops, so will the number of steel dealers in India. This growth will also drive innovation in the steel industry as organizations endeavor to make new and better items to meet the needs of their clients.


India’s economic growth is fueling the demand for steel in 2023 and beyond. This presents a fabulous chance for steel dealers to develop their businesses and expand their span. The demand for alloy steel Punjab is likewise increasing, further adding to the growth capability of the steel industry in India. BK Steel Company is well-equipped to meet the requirements of the growing business sector as one of the leading steel dealers in Punjab, providing high-quality alloy steel to industries across the region. As the nation develops and progresses, we can hope to see continued growth in the steel industry, driven by the rising demand for steel in development, infrastructure, and different applications.

High Speed Steel

Steel Is Popular In The Market Because Various Things Used Today Are Made Up Of Steel

The steel business is popular these days. There are a lot of things which are made up of steel that are used nowadays. In past years, people used copper such as utensils, taps and many more, but now these things are replaced by steel. The things made up of steel are not as heavy as copper. There are a lot of Steel dealers in Punjab who do their work on an international level.

What is steel

Steel is alloys of iron and carbon in which the content of carbon is 2 percent. The material with high content is known as cast iron. This material is most widely used for building and the world’s infrastructure. It is used in making everything from a needle to oil tankers. The tools required to build and manufacture such articles are also made of steel. The production of steel was about 1.6 billion tons in 2013, which is demonstrated by a study, whereas the production of metal and aluminum was about 47 million tons. It has an unparalleled range of mechanical properties.

 Properties of elements 

Effect of iron 

Iron is a major component of steel. It is a metal that is in its pure state and is not harder than copper.

Excludes very great cases, iron is its solid state like all other metals, polycrystalline, which consists of many crystals. Crystals are a good arrangement of atoms that are well-ordered. They are placed in planes called lattices, which penetrate one another in specific ways. The bcc allotropy of steel is below 912

Degree Celsius to 1394 degrees Celsius, and its melting point is 1538 degrees Celsius. When iron is in bcc formation, it has two different names according to temperature. The lower-temperature iron is known as alpha iron, and the higher-temperature iron is known as delta iron.

 Effect of carbon 

Iron is soft in its pure form and not useful as an engineering material; the key way to strengthen and convert iron into steel is to add small amounts of carbon. In solid steel, carbon is generally found in two forms. Either it is in solid solution and ferrite or as a carbide. The carbide form can be iron carbide, also known as cementite, or it can be a carbide of an alloying element like titanium. 

Heat treatment effect

The simplest way to change the mechanical properties of steel is to change the adjustment of carbon content. Heat-treating can create the possibility of additional changes—for instance, by the speed and the rate of cooling through the austenite-to-ferrite transformation point and this transformation is known as Ar transformation and cooling. The Dph of 300 is generated by increasing the cooling rate of pearlitic steel.

Alloys effect

Another method of changing the properties of steel is adding the elements of alloying, which produces unachievable plain steel. The approximately 20 elements used for alloying steel have a distinct influence on e temperature and on microstructure, which holds time and cooling rates of microstructure change. 

Types of steel  

There are thousands of types of steel that have been categorized but can be classified into a few groups according to their chemical composition.


Many applications of steel show the great versatility of the material. The consumers of steel mostly choose 

carbon steel. The best example of it is automobile bodies and appliances made of low-carbon steel. 

Steel has become a part of human life because most things are made up of steel, which we use in our daily routine, and some are made up of carbon alloys. BK steel company is the best Carbon Alloy Steel Suppliers in India who supply steel around the world. 

High Speed Steel M2

What is the right use of M2 Molybdenum High Speed Tool Steel?

M2 Molybdenum High Speed Tool Steel

The M2 High Speed Tool Steel is designed with group M steels based on the required industry standards. If you are looking for the quality product, then you need to get in touch with the top-rated Steel distributor Company in Ludhiana to make the right choice. And with the M steel group category, there are various options with different types like the M1 to M10.

The AISI M2 High Speed Steel India is known to provide the performance that stands out because of its effectiveness. Additionally, there are various coatings that you can get, like titanium nitride, titanium carbide, and others, to fulfil your necessary requirement for quality high-speed tool steel. Moreover, there’s an important part in its overall working, that’s the disposition process that improves the total span of the tool.

Chemical composition of M2 Molybdenum High Speed

The given table gives you a proper understanding of the chemical composition to make the product quality right on all levels:


Element Content (%)
C 0.78-1.05
Mo 4.50-5.50
W 5.50-6.75
V 1.75-2.20
Mn 0.15-0.40
Si 0.20-0.45
Cr 0.20-0.45
Ni 0.3
Cu 0.25
P 0.03
S 0.03


Physical properties of M2 molybdenum high-speed tool

The density and melting points are an important part of ensuring the physical properties are correct on all levels. If you are unsure about its physical properties and want to make the right choice, then do talk about your requirement with the supplier to get the desired product.

Are there any designations that are equal to M2 molybdenum high speed steel tools?

Some of the other designations for the same high speed steel tool are:

  • AFNOR 06-05-04-02
  • DIN 1.3343
  • UNI KU
  • JIS SKH9
  • SS 2722
  • S. BM 2
  • FED QQ-T-590
  • ASTM A597 (CM-2)
  • ASTM A600
  • SAE J437
  • SAE J438
  • UNS T11302

How is M2 tool steel given the right shape?

The shaping of M2 tool steel is top-notch with grinding methods. Although, the grinding capability is not that effective, and that’s the reason it is categorized as medium machinability. Additionally, to make it right on all levels, there is the right use of heat treatment before hardening that goes up to:

  • 5°C (1500°F)
  • After that, it goes from 815.5°C (1500°F) to 843.3°C (1550°F)

To have the right properties and hardness, the steels are cooled for 3 to 5 minutes. Following that, it is quenched in the salt bath, oil, and air.

 Final word

If you are in search of the same, then reach out to the Bk Steel expert team of distributors. Apart from this, if you have any other requirements, then do discuss them same with the team. Feel free to discuss the requirement for bulk orders.

High Speed Steel

Bk Steel Company: A Clear Guide On Alloy Steels And Its Origin

Do you know which is the most commonly used metal in the world? You would be surprised to learn it is none other than steel.

Steel is one of the most strong and widely used materials. There are many products that you interact with that have steel in them from the Best steel distributor company in Ludhiana.

Still, despite its popularity, many people are unaware of its applicability and various properties, uses, and intricacies.

In this blog, we are going to talk about some interesting facts about AISI T1 High-Speed Steel India.

Steel Annoys And Its Origin

The manufacturer first made the steel by mining iron ore from the ground. They smelt the ore in a furnace in order to eliminate the impurities.

However, in recent times the process of making steel is different; it involves recycling existing steel. No matter where you get your steel from earth or recycle it. They are basically a mixture of carbon and iron.

According to the EN 41B Alloy Steel Punjab, steel is a 100 % recyclable material, and there is no limit on how many times you can repurpose and reuse the steel.

Categories Of Steel

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the steel when you first try to understand it. The main reason is that steel consists of 4 distinct groups. If you try to understand this group, you will be able to quickly digest the information about steel.

The four groups of steel include:

  1. Stainless

  2. Carbon

  3. Tool

  4. Annoy

Stainless Steel

People know stainless steel as the most corrosion-resistant of all four groups. Chromium, molybdenum, and nickel are some materials that typically include stainless steel. These alloys make up around 11-30 percent of steel.

Out of all four steel groups, stainless steel is one of the most popular. The most common use of stainless steel is in food processing, food handling, hardware, medical instruments, and appliances.

Carbon steel

Just like stainless steel, carbon also has the same ingredients- iron and carbon. But the similarities end there; their compositions differ in alloy content.

Carbon has almost under 10.5 percent alloy in it. Apart from that, it is also very typical to notice the breakout of carbon steel into three categories: low carbon steel (0.03 to 0.15 % carbon), medium carbon steel (0.25 to 0.50 % carbon), and high carbon steel (0.55%-1.10% carbon).

Tool steel

Typically tool steel has around 0.5% to 1.5 % of the content in them. Tool steel also contains other additives such as chromium, tungsten, molybdenum, and vanadium. They are very well known for their ability to hold a cutting edge and their hardness at a higher temperature.

Alloy steel

If we are being technical, then the steel that falls under any of the following groups is a classification of alloy. But it is not what this alloy signifies. Alloy steel is so much different than steel alloy. In short, alloy steel is basically steel that consists of 5 % of alloying components in its composition.

Final Comments

Contact BK Steel Company and order your required steel for industrial or commercial use. For more details, do not hesitate to ask more queries.

High Speed Steel

Give a brief classification of the general grades and properties of the HSS

High-speed steel is a piece of hardware prepared that is usually utilized for cutting apparatus material. Compared to high-carbon steel, it is more robust due to its ability to handle elevated temperatures without influencing its hardness. This property makes HSS more sharp and quick. Therefore, whenever you want to purchase steel material for industrial purposes, do not forget to visit the Best Steel distributor Company in Ludhiana.

The heat treatment utilization is also a primary component of what defines high-speed steel, as its martensitic structure contributes to its high hardness. This is attained by austenitizing to nearly the steel’s melting temperature, extinguishing in a salt bath, or by air cooling and multiple tempering cycles to turn any left austenite to martensite. Although the word “high-speed tool steel” is a mixture of various alloys but shares common traits.

  • High carbon content holds minimum weight (0.65 percent), but sometimes indulge with 0.8 percent to 1.5 percent carbon content in its material.

  • High alloy content, primarily molybdenum or tungsten, with lower amounts of vanadium, cobalt, and chromium.

  • It attains 64 HRC Rockwell hardness at room temperature.

Define common properties and grade of HSS

The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) recognized over forty classifications of HSS (high-speed steel), which manufacturers still develop. It exists in two common forms: alloyed molybdenum and tungsten. Every grade is nominated with M or T along with impressive numbers that differentiate it from the rest of the grades. Besides this naming, all T-types but one consist of some molybdenum, and all but two M-type steels also indulge in some tungsten; these substances made metal carbides to obtain the desired properties. ASTM specifications lie between 7 T-types and 17 M-types. To learn more about the various types of steel specifications and materials, build your connection with experts at the company of High-Speed Steel India.

Impact of alloying elements on the properties of High-speed steel (HSS)

Alloy elements heavily impact the properties of high-speed steel, and the numerous grades are generated via extensive observations.

  • The structure of high-speed steel is defined by the tungsten and molybdenum that come in front to build carbides. Usually, molybdenum steels find massive toughness, whereas tungsten steels show higher hot hardness (this hardness retrains on heavy temperature).

  • The formation of stable vanadium carbides describes the wear resistance and hot hardness of vanadium in tool steels. A big part of vanadium needs increased carbon content to maintain the loss of toughness so that it can form cutting tools where wear resistance and heat tolerance are paramount.

  • Chromium is beneficial in reducing oxidation damage levels during heat treatment and raising the hardenability.

  • The inclusion of cobalt manages hot hardness in high-speed steels, despite the increased quantity of brittleness.

Apart from this, AISI M35 is a cobalt-based high-speed tool steel that is a suitable choice for heat treatment up to 66 HRC. Come to the firm of AISI M35 High-Speed Steel India to obtain all kinds of steel material here whether you require it for your house construction or for selling purposes.

The BK Steel company is well-known for making all kinds of steel products, so if you want to get any knowledge about different steel types and want to purchase steel material in a massive quantity at affordable rates, do not hesitate to contact us.

High Speed Steel Steel Supplier

Guide to know about the benefits of High-Speed Steel for tools

High-Speed Steel for Tools

High-speed steel is one of the finest choices available in terms of material. It’s the design of the material that makes everything stand out. If you have specific project needs, you should consult the Best Steel Distributor Company in Ludhiana to make everything work properly. You must know about high-speed steel before buying so that you know what to select and how it stands out in terms of quality.

High-Speed Steel Importance For Tools

Everything can work effectively with the leading distributors of AISI M2 High Speed Steel in Ludhiana. Most importantly, the right kind of HSS plays an essential role in better cutting tools. That’s not all; there are many other critical features in HSS that you need to know about.

Feature 1: Stands apart in terms of hardness

The proper hardness allows it to be all the better than other steel. It’s the right choice that makes everything effective. Moreover, the right cutting tools will enable it to provide better shape and sharp edges with the right amount of hardness. Quality materials like chisels, filers, and other operations are also used. The right level of hardening plays a vital role in boosting material strength and other features.

Feature 2: Stand out in terms of performance

Most importantly, the material stands out in terms of performance with the right level of drill bits and other cutting tools, making it suitable for several operations. That’s not all; there are right cutting directions, a proper cutting regime, and comfortable sharpening. Compared to other alloys, the HSS is much better and more effective.

Feature 3: Wear resistance

Indeed! The performance makes it stand out from all other options. The material can easily manage the right edges on all levels with the proper microstructure and hardness. Moreover, the right wear resistance allows all the cutting tools to be perfect and reliable by all possible means.

Feature 4: Ease of working in high temperature

Most important, HSS has ease in handling the high temperature. And that’s the reason it offers better quality results and comfort on all levels. The heat levels of the HSS are much more as compared to other types of material.

Most commonly used high-speed steel types

Some of the most commonly used high-speed steel types are mentioned below:

  • Cobalt HSS

The Cobalt HSS is an inclusive material known for its high level of additional properties. Moreover, its heat resistance properties make it much better.

  • Tungsten

The tungsten comes with iron-based steel in terms of chromium, tungsten, and carbon resulting in strong solid material. That’s not all. It offers the right amount of wear, heat, and hardness on all levels.

Are you looking for an HSS supplier in India?

Bk Steel Company is one of the known names in India, acting as a stockist for various steel and other products. Feel free to get hold of the team to discuss everything and place the order.

High Speed Steel

What is high speed steel? What are the applications of high speed steel?

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High Speed Steel

Everything you need to know about the high-speed steel option

Everything you need to know about the high-speed steel option

What is High-Speed Steel?

High-speed steel is the tool steel alloys given the necessary name depending on the capacity to allow material cutting to be fast as compared to traditional high-carbon steels that come in tool cuttings. Such an option stand apart from the rest because of its variegated features like:

  • The extreme level of hardness
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Resistance against softening, which makes the temperature higher
  • Helps with alloying metals
  • Offers heat treatment

With high-speed steel comes an excellent level of heat treatment which makes the structure ideal under all possible considerations. Additionally, the right kind of steel melting temperature allows everything to get converted against the proper considerations.

What’s the surface treatment for high-speed steel?

The surface treatment of high-speed steel is dependent on bright or black oxide finish for the correct use. Additionally, there’s the factor of ferrous or non-ferrous metals, which comes under effective working. Additionally, nitriding diffuse allows nitrogen to help manage all the things with perfection. Moreover, the top-notch hardness will enable it to be better against everything and enhance all the working with a practical approach.

Availability of products

B.K. Steel Company is the leading supplier and stockist of a wide range of high-speed steel to ensure the product functionality is available, and everyone seeks the most effective working.

  • M-2
  • M-35
  • M-42
  • T-1

Reach out to B.K. Steel Company

Are you in search of high-grade steel? You can request a quote from our team to get an idea about, ‘How much is the cost?’