Carbon Steel vs. Mild Steel: Are They the Same?

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Carbon Steel vs. Mild Steel: Are They the Same?

Modern production and construction are based on steel. This steel comes in a variety of varieties to suit requirements. Mild steel and carbon steel are two commonly used categories of steel. 

Composition and Properties 

Iron and carbon make up the majority of carbon steel. These steel are made with a carbon percentage of no more than 2.1%. On the other hand, mild steel has the same amounts of iron and carbon. But it has a low level of carbon content. Which often used to be between 00.5 and 0.25%. Carbon content makes up the main difference in composition. This variation has a big impact on their properties. 

Strength and hardness

When carbon steel is made with a high level of carbon content, it makes strong and hard steel. These are used to make various applications that are used for the long term. Application tools and machinery parts. 

Ductility and weldability 

Mild steel is made with a lower level of carbon content. It is very soft steel. You can easily give any shape. This type of steel is used in construction and welding. 

Corrosion resistance

Carbon steel is less resistant to corrosion compared to mild steel. It may require additional coatings or treatment to stop rusting in a humid or corrosive environment. 


The choice between mild steel and carbon steel relies on a particular application. Steel Dealers in Punjab mostly recommend carbon steel due to its superior mechanical properties, which include hardness, strength and wear resistance. 


Mild steel is used in construction sites because this steel molds easily. You can shape it according to the building frame. It is easy to use. These steel are used in frameworks of buildings, bridges and other structural components. Mild steel has a low level of carbon, which is why it is easily mild in any shape and size. 


The automotive industry needs heavy, strong machines that work for the long term. In that case, carbon steel is best for making machinery parts. Carbon steel is stronger, and its hardness makes it a preferred choice for manufacturing automotive parts. This steel is used to make engine components and chassis. 


Carbon steel is used to make a variety of steel tools, such as knife drills, where hardness and advanced retention are critical.  

Pipe and pipelines

Often, companies use carbon steel to make pipes. These pipes easily pass the chemical gas from one set to another set. Especially these types of pipes used in industry where strength and corrosion resistance are important. 


Kitchen equipment often uses carbon steel-making materials, such as pans, knives and kitchen-related equipment. These types of steels are appreciated for their capability to heat evenly and manage them at high temperatures. 

Decorative elements

Mild steel is mostly used for decorative purposes because this steel easily folds and shapes. The steel is used to design gates, railings and sculptures. 

Cost considerations

Cost is also an important element in picking between carbon and mild steel. Mild steel is affordable, and you can buy it easily. But carbon steel is a little bit costly. This steel was used to make various applications that were used for a long time. 

The choice between mild and carbon steel is based on requirements. Carbon steel is a stronger and harder steel. You can use various steel tools. Mild steel is often used in construction and welding. Because this steel easily molds and gives shape according to requirements. If you want carbon steel, you can contact the leading Carbon Alloy Steel Suppliers in India.

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Galvannealed Steel: Unveiling the Function Behind the Satin Finish

Galvannealed steel is unique in the steel industry due to its smooth surface, which has practical as well as aesthetic benefits. As an outcome of this steel process, this special coating makes the steel more visually appealing and improves its durability and resistance to corrosion. As industries continue to demand high-quality steel, the importance of partnering with reliable Steel Dealers in Punjab can not be overstated. 

Understanding Galvannealed steel 

A melting and galvanizing process makes galvanized steel. The steel is initially coated with Zinc to provide corrosion resistance. The next crucial step is heating, which entails heat treating the coated steel. Therefore, a zinc-iron alloy is produced. After all the processing, this steel has a unique bright shine. 

Function behind the satin finish 

This smooth steel finish is essential to improving the material’s performance. It also helps with visual appeal. The following are the main purposes of the satin finish. 

Corrosion Resistance 

An alloy of Zinc and iron is produced during the heating process. It provides an extra layer of protection against corrosion for applications such as outdoor buildings and automotive components exposed to harsh weather conditions. So, this steel is an excellent choice when you need to create automotive parts. 

Paint Adhesion 

The satin finish on this steel creates a rough surface. It substantially improves paint adhesion. It is crucial in industries where a perfect, long-lasting paint job is needed, such as the fabrication of appliances and auto body parts. 


The satin finish improves the weldability of this steel. The involvement of the Zinc and iron alloy improves fusion during the fixing process. When it can be fixed in these elements, it can make stronger steel, which can be used in the long term so that the operator can easily use the steel and convert it into the application that requires size and shape. 

Benefits of Galvannealed steel’s stain finish

Now that we know the purpose of the satin finish, let’s examine the noticeable advantages it offers to different applications:

Extended lifespan 

This steel is made of zinc and iron alloy resistance. It can make a stronger steel. This steel can be used in buildings and bridges. It offers a longer lifespan for both products and structures. It can make it a more economical option over time, especially for outside buildings like utility poles and bridges. 

Low maintenance requirements

Using zinc and iron alloys to make steel. It can reduce the amount of maintenance. It can require managing. Other steel materials, compared to this steel, are less careful, making this a desirable choice for situations where minimal maintenance is essential. 

Versatility in Design 

A wealth of new design options are made possible by the enhanced paint adherence. The ability to generate a wide range of colors and finishes gives manufacturers more creative freedom when creating visually appealing products. 

Consistent Welding Performance 

This steel’s improved weldability guarantees dependable and consistent welding outcomes. It is especially helpful in sectors of the economy where machinery and infrastructure projects depend heavily on strong and secure welds. 

Galvannealed steel’s smooth finish is a testimonial to the material’s increased utility rather than just a decorative feature. This steel has a satin surface that enhances its weldability, paint adhesion and corrosion resistance, making it a sturdy and dependable option for a variety of industrial applications. For industries seeking reliable sources of this steel, the choices of reputable Carbon Alloy Steel Suppliers in India are paramount. A trustworthy supplier like BK Steel Company understands the specific needs of diverse industries and offers quality materials that meet stringent standards. 

EN8 Steel

Everything you need to know about the use of EN8 steel applications

EN8 steel: Premium quality steel

EN8 steel is one of the finest steel materials available out there. The applications and use of EN8 Alloy Steel India are used for several reasons.  EN8 Steel offers decent tensile strength against various engineering applications like:

  • Screws
  • Shafts
  • Studs
  • Bolts
  • Rollers
  • Connecting rods

You must get hold of the leading Steel distributor in India who offers the product with utmost specifications. Additionally, the chemical composition of steel is 080M40 or 080A42 that further including:

  • Carbon
  • Silicon
  • Sulfur
  • Manganese
  • Phosphorus

The choice of parkside steel rounds with EN8 steel rounds. Moreover, the specific diameter is the reason to boost the necessary specifications. The rounds are effective against processing facilities, making them accountable on different levels. The specific pieces are the reasons for efficiency, accuracy, and economical approach.

Chemical composition of EN8 Steel

Grade C Si Mn P S
EN8 0.35-0.45 0.05-0.35 0.60-1.0 ≤ 0.06 ≤ 0.06
080M40 0.36-0.44 0.1-0.4 0.60-1.0 ≤ 0.05 ≤ 0.05

A comprehensive range offering better results

The steel distributor gives you all the specific range of alloy steel, including other inventive categories that comes with a comprehensive range of:

  • Round
  • Squares
  • Flats
  • Cast iron
  • Bright carbon steel
  • Mild steel
  • Mill plates
  • Tee sections
  • Much more 

Get hold of a trusted steel distributor in India

Bk Steel Company is one of the known steel distributors in India, offering various qualities of steel. A wide variety of steel types are available. Our aim is to ensure all the necessary demands of the customers are fulfilled without any delay.

The basic use of EN8 steel is known for solidifying the medium carbon steel that’s further used to make threads, jolts, threads, shafts, axles, and carbon steel. The EN8 steel can be machined easily for working in different situations. Moreover, EN8 steel has a highly advanced carbon content as compared to mild steel for ensuring the base finish lasts for a long time. Because of the solid features and properties, the material can easily stand against different situations. being machinable in different conditions makes the EN8 steel an effective consideration for various situations.

 Do you have any doubts?

In case you are not able to figure out the specific choice you are looking for, then get hold of the BK Steel Company expert team. Most importantly, all our products are made with Australian standards. That’s the reason the product quality is top-notch, and there won’t be any problem with the way it works. The professionals will talk you through about everything and make sure all your specific needs and demands are fulfilled. You can drop us an email or give us a call mentioning all the necessary information you are looking for.