Carbon Steel vs. Mild Steel: Are They the Same?

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Carbon Steel vs. Mild Steel: Are They the Same?

Modern production and construction are based on steel. This steel comes in a variety of varieties to suit requirements. Mild steel and carbon steel are two commonly used categories of steel. 

Composition and Properties 

Iron and carbon make up the majority of carbon steel. These steel are made with a carbon percentage of no more than 2.1%. On the other hand, mild steel has the same amounts of iron and carbon. But it has a low level of carbon content. Which often used to be between 00.5 and 0.25%. Carbon content makes up the main difference in composition. This variation has a big impact on their properties. 

Strength and hardness

When carbon steel is made with a high level of carbon content, it makes strong and hard steel. These are used to make various applications that are used for the long term. Application tools and machinery parts. 

Ductility and weldability 

Mild steel is made with a lower level of carbon content. It is very soft steel. You can easily give any shape. This type of steel is used in construction and welding. 

Corrosion resistance

Carbon steel is less resistant to corrosion compared to mild steel. It may require additional coatings or treatment to stop rusting in a humid or corrosive environment. 


The choice between mild steel and carbon steel relies on a particular application. Steel Dealers in Punjab mostly recommend carbon steel due to its superior mechanical properties, which include hardness, strength and wear resistance. 


Mild steel is used in construction sites because this steel molds easily. You can shape it according to the building frame. It is easy to use. These steel are used in frameworks of buildings, bridges and other structural components. Mild steel has a low level of carbon, which is why it is easily mild in any shape and size. 


The automotive industry needs heavy, strong machines that work for the long term. In that case, carbon steel is best for making machinery parts. Carbon steel is stronger, and its hardness makes it a preferred choice for manufacturing automotive parts. This steel is used to make engine components and chassis. 


Carbon steel is used to make a variety of steel tools, such as knife drills, where hardness and advanced retention are critical.  

Pipe and pipelines

Often, companies use carbon steel to make pipes. These pipes easily pass the chemical gas from one set to another set. Especially these types of pipes used in industry where strength and corrosion resistance are important. 


Kitchen equipment often uses carbon steel-making materials, such as pans, knives and kitchen-related equipment. These types of steels are appreciated for their capability to heat evenly and manage them at high temperatures. 

Decorative elements

Mild steel is mostly used for decorative purposes because this steel easily folds and shapes. The steel is used to design gates, railings and sculptures. 

Cost considerations

Cost is also an important element in picking between carbon and mild steel. Mild steel is affordable, and you can buy it easily. But carbon steel is a little bit costly. This steel was used to make various applications that were used for a long time. 

The choice between mild and carbon steel is based on requirements. Carbon steel is a stronger and harder steel. You can use various steel tools. Mild steel is often used in construction and welding. Because this steel easily molds and gives shape according to requirements. If you want carbon steel, you can contact the leading Carbon Alloy Steel Suppliers in India.