Different Types Of Steel Used In The Automobile Industry: A Guide

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Different Types Of Steel Used In The Automobile Industry: A Guide

When we talk about the fastest-growing industries in the world, the Automobile industry remains at the top of the list. As the growth takes place, a number of integrations are made in the industry and the same is the case with the automobile industry.

 You will notice 1.2714 steel suppliers in the Automobile industry; you may also notice AI & robots in the industry who are helping with the manufacturing and production of the products.

 A lot of steel dealer in Punjab are providing different types of high-quality steel to the automobile industry in various places. In this blog, let us look at all the different types of steel used in the automobile industry.

Different Types of Steel Used in The Automobile Industry 

Here is the list of different types of steel used in the automobile industry:

1- Advanced High-Strength Steel:

 This is one of the most used steel for production in the automobile industry, the major reason behind it is the alloys used and additional layers that are added in the steel, with the help of which you get enhanced strength and a protection layer is already imposed on this steel that offers a long-life to your car.

 A number of car manufacturers are working on enhancing the overall quality and strength of advanced high-strength steel so that it directly improves the overall safety features of the car.

 2- High Carbon Steel:

 The next most used steel type is high carbon steel with high carbon value. Although, due to the high carbon value, steel’s ductile nature reduces, you can expect greater strength and hardness from this type of steel.

 This type of steel is used to make car chassis and doors that need to be rigid.

3- Low Carbon Steel:

Here is the third type of steel used in the automobile industry: low-carbon steel. This type of steel has a high ductility value, with the help of which it can be formed into any shape or design easily.

 Low-carbon steel helps create body parts of cars that deal with the vehicle’s stability.

Tips To Select The Best Steel Supplier 

No matter what type of steel is used in the automobile industry, you must deal with the right supplier to make the best use of it. Here are a few tips for selecting the best steel supplier:

       Make sure to review a steel supplier’s reviews that will give you a good enough idea about their products and services.

       You can ask for referrals from your friends or family members. There is a high chance that someone from your connections must have used services from a steel supplier. You can get in touch with them.

       Always keep a close look around your budget and select the right option.


The automobile industry uses different types of steel for various purposes. We hope you were able to learn about them through this post. Contact BK Steel Company for the best quality steel.

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Analyzing India’s Steel Trade in 2022-23: Exports at a 5-Year Low, Imports at a 4-Year High

The steel industry plays a vital role in India’s economy, with domestic consumption and international trade influencing its growth. In the fiscal year 2022-23, India witnessed a significant shift in its steel trade dynamics. While the country faced challenges in its export market, imports surged to a four-year high. This article delves into the factors behind this trend, highlighting the implications for steel dealers in Punjab and shedding light on the growing demand for L6 tool steel in the region.

Exports Plunge to a 5-Year Low: 

A More Critical Thoroughly search in the fiscal year 2022-23, India encountered an outstanding decrease in steel exports, arriving at a five-year low. A few elements added to this slump, including worldwide monetary vulnerabilities, exchange limitations forced by different nations, and expanded contest from other steel-creating countries. The decline in exports affected steel dealers in Punjab, who had traditionally relied on international markets for business growth.

Rising Imports: 

Understanding the Surge Unlike the export scenario, steel imports into India surged to a four-year high in 2022-23. This pattern can be ascribed to different elements. One huge explanation is the expanded homegrown interest in steel, driven by framework projects, development exercises, and the auto area. To meet this rising demand, Indian steel dealers, including those in Punjab, resorted to importing steel from other countries.

Impact on Punjab’s Steel Dealers Punjab, known for its robust steel industry, witnessed the effects of the changing trade dynamics. With the decrease in exports, steel sellers in the locale needed to reorient their business procedures and spotlight favoring the homegrown market. The flood in imports, then again, introduced the two difficulties and unique open doors for Punjab’s steel vendors. While increased competition from imported steel posed a threat, it also provided access to a broader range of steel products, including the in-demand L6 tool steel.

The Growing Demand for L6 Tool Steel L6 tool steel has gained significant popularity in Punjab due to its exceptional properties and applications in various industries. With the rise in infrastructure projects, particularly in the construction and manufacturing sectors, the demand for L6 tool steel has steadily increased. Punjab’s steel dealers have recognized this trend and adapted their product offerings to cater to the region’s growing demand for L6 tool steel.


 The decrease in steel exports and the flood in imports have reshaped the business scene, provoking vendors to recalibrate their procedures to adjust to the changing economic situations. In Punjab, steel dealers have faced challenges in the export market but have also capitalized on the growing demand for L6 tool steel driven by infrastructure projects and construction activities.

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European Union’s Strengthened Steel Trade Relations with India

Trade connections between nations are critical in supporting development and improvement in a steadily changing worldwide economy. The European Association (EU) and India have been expanding exchange associations, especially in the steel business.

This article investigates the European Union’s large increase in steel imports from India, giving light on the ramifications for steel dealers in Punjab and the market for L6 tool steel. We hope to provide a complete perspective of the growing trade landscape by studying the factors driving this rise and the possible benefits for both parties.

  1. Exploring the Surge in Steel Imports: Steel imports from India into the European Union have increased by 76% in recent years. This increase reflects the increased demand for Indian steel in the EU market. With its abundant raw material reserves and superior manufacturing capabilities, India has emerged as a reliable and competitive steel supplier worldwide.
  2. The Role of Steel Dealers: Steel dealers, known for their ability and involvement with the steel area, play a significant part in this changing trading scene. As interest in steel from India develops, these dealers will be strategically situated to address the needs of different ventures, including automotive, construction, and infrastructure advancement. Their understanding of various steel grades, such as L6 Tool Steel Punjab, enables them to provide excellent goods that match the specific requirements of their customers.
  3. Unveiling the Benefits of L6 Tool Steel: L6 tool steel is widely used in a variety of sectors due to its high toughness and wear resistance. Increased steel imports from India present an opportunity for steel merchants in Punjab to supply L6 tool steel, which may be used to make tools, dies, and other items. Because of its outstanding qualities, it is a popular choice for industries that require high-performance materials.
  4. Driving Factors behind the Growing Trade Relations: Several factors contribute to the strengthening of steel trade links between the European Union and India. These include competitive pricing, advantageous government policies, technological and infrastructure developments, and an emphasis on quality and sustainability. The two areas’ strong engagement produces a mutually favorable trading climate, encouraging economic growth and job creation.
  5. Embracing New Opportunities: As the European Union increases its steel imports from India, new chances for steel merchants in Punjab and other regions emerge. By remaining current on industry trends and developing strategic alliances, these dealers may capitalize on rising demand and extend their customer base.


The increase in steel imports from India by the European Union indicates that trade relations between the two regions are improving. BK Steel Company is ready to use the fortifying trade relations between the European Association and India, giving top-notch steel items and adding to the development of the steel business in Punjab and beyond.

As commerce grows, steel dealers must adapt to changing dynamics, develop new routes, and deliver high-quality steel goods to assist numerous sectors. This expanding trade agreement has enormous potential for economic growth, job creation, and the development of a robust steel market in Punjab and beyond.

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Differences Between The Indian & The China Steel Industry

No matter how many new industries are formed in India or which industry goes booming, the Indian Steel Industry will remain the most in-demand and profitable industry in India. As per recent surveys, India is considered among the top 5 steel distributors from all over the world.

And as you see the growth of the steel industry, the steel distributor company in Ludhiana, and from other parts of India, this industry will keep on increasing day by day.

Although the Chinese Steel Industry has been seen coming near the Indian stats. In this blog, we are going to discuss everything about the differences between The Indian and The Chinese Steel Industries.

The Indian Steel Industry

 It is noticed that currently, the Indian steel industry is in the third position in the rankings of top steel exporters, and as we move forward, this ranking will shift to second. The biggest factor due to which you are able to notice these advancements in the rankings is because the raw iron ore in India is easily available, secondly we have the technology integrations that are required for the best outcomes.

The third biggest advantage is the lower labor costs, with the help of which the profit margins increase a lot. You will also find various types of steel being produced in India, such as 1.2714 Steel Suppliers and many more.

The Chinese Steel Industry 

The Chinese steel industry is also growing and getting better day by day. Still, the only factor that is disturbing is that China itself is using a lot of its produced steel which is also good. Still, on the other hand, they have started overusing the steel, which is leading to issues such as no fulfillment of the steel requirements and many more.

If China keeps on over-using steel, this can lead to scarcity in the coming years.

Difference Between The Indian & The Chinese Steel Industry 

There are a number of exceptional and surprising differences between The Indian Steel Industry and The Chinese Steel Industry. Let us have a look at them:

  • The first and major difference is going to be a surprising one as well, as the Chinese steel industry is considered as the industry that offers lower wages to their laborers as compared to India.
  • It has been noticed that Chinese laborers are getting 17% lower wages than Indian laborers.
  • The next difference is the investment cost and it’s noticed that the Chinese steel industry has its own steel products and processes setups with the help of which they are able to reduce the production costs that also reduce their investment costs.
  • On the other hand, the Indian steel industry has to face huge production and investment cost.
  • Here’s a difference that is positive for the Indian steel industry and that is, due to the excessive growth of the Chinese steel industry they are facing a lot of adverse effects for a few years. While on the other hand with the Indian steel industry, everything is positive.


We hope you were able to learn a lot of differences between the Indian and the Chinese steel industry and why The Indian Steel Industry has been considered the most profitable industry from the time of its establishment.

Looking for the most reliable steel suppliers? BK Steel Company is here to help you out.

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Time to make yourself familiar with the different types of steel

Know a more about steel

Steel is one of the most popular construction choices for various engineering materials. Steel is a strong and hard material that comes with the flexibility to be used for various materials. That’s the reason the demand for well-known and reputed Steel distributor Company in Ludhiana is always something to look out for. It’s all about fulfilling the requirements of the business and ensuring the final properties stand out in all possible ways. The right composition and physical properties of the steel are different with every option, so it’s about considering the one that is perfect for your specific requirement. Steel manufacturing, along with carbon and other alloy material, is known for its hardening approach and ensures the dislocation won’t be there. Basically, the steel stands out for its:

  • Hardness
  • Ductility
  • Tensile strength

In combination with everything, it’s the collective approach that makes a huge difference in terms of everything. Steel is strong, versatile, and known for being resilient. It’s even right to say that steel industries are known for boosting overall economic development because of how amazing it is in terms of qualities and ensuring the material can be well used for various factors.

Different types of steel

The steel categories are divided into carbon and alloy steel, considering the different types and options that are available.

Carbon steel

Carbon steel is not contested that much, and there’s the presence of sulfur, silicon, phosphorus, and manganese. Considering the properties and features of the said material, it’s known to have carbon in content amount and only a minor influence in terms of materials. There are further 4 categories of carbon steel:

  • Low carbon steel
  • Medium carbon steel
  • High carbon steel
  • Very high carbon steel

With each category of carbon steel, there are some other features and properties that look simply the best. The increased tensile strength, perfect for welding, acceptable in different welds, and the right control over mechanical properties make it look all interesting & perfect.

Alloy steel

Alloy steel is another solid category of steel that includes the combination of one or more elements considering the ability to have a perfect property and overall intriguing features. In terms of external elements, there are manganese, nickel, silicon, boron, vanadium, molybdenum, and other elements to make the overall features stand out. The alloy steel is further divided into two different categories:

  • Low alloy steel

The low alloy steel requires the right amount of carbon content that’s kept around between 0.25%, and welding requires 0.15%. For the corrosion resistance environment, the said choice is known to make the appropriate one.

  • High alloy steel

High alloy steel contains elements that have a weight of more than 8% and the right classification with carbon & steel. In terms of overall flexibility and reliability, this is something worth considering.


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Detailed guide on material testing for steel to ensure fine quality

Material Testing For Steel

The grades of steel and its availability worldwide depend on various factors. Out of hundreds of options choosing that one fine-quality steel grade might seem difficult. To counterbalance everything, it’s important to look at the service offered by the top-rated Steel distributor Company in Ludhiana, which can manage all the necessary options with ease. Whether you talk about material needed, type, and features, everything has to be considered. That, it would result in choosing the steel material offering better composition. That’s the reason the material testing offered by the professionals ensures:

  • Choosing the option with the right strength
  • Opt for something with the right hardness
  • Select a material of reliable quality

In case you are looking for the 1.2714 Steel Suppliers, then look for someone top-rated who ensures to keep track of the testing phase effectively.

Steel testing and its important terms

When you talk about steel testing, there are various terms that can be considered like:

  • Coupon

The coupon is used for test samples that come from the master place. It happens through the forging process. These two options are included LCVN and TCVN.

  • Lamination

Lamination is about the defect or imperfect results of the steel material. The said state can occur due to improper structure performance. Different factors can be the reasons for the same, like layers, foreign material, folds, trapped gases, and others. There’s a higher possibility that the lamination might not reach the ideal state making it difficult to reach the appropriate point.

  • Mild test reports

MTR helps to point out the appropriate material origin and composition with testing results. The said document results allow us to point out the precise problem and the accurate material description to be used for various situations.

Know about the material strength test

The Material Strength Test focuses on yield, tensile, and elongation to check the mechanical features to the appropriate level. Through the test, it’s much easier to point out the right amount of load that the material can bear. Additionally, the yield point targets the appropriate amount of stress that can be put upon to change the material shape. The feature of tensile strength accounts for keeping the material intact with enough force and ensuring it does not fail or break.

Brinell hardness test

BHT focuses on checking the total force that the material can withstand in different conditions. It ensures that without failing and appropriate toughness, it can properly manage the situation, and there won’t be any issue of friction or other factors. The hardness of the material accounts for utmost precision and the ability to manage the toughness accurately.

Final word

In case there’s any doubt on your mind, then it’s important to ask the team about the same and get everything managed on time. In case your order requirement is in bulk, then do tell the same in advance.