Buy The Best Steel In The Market To Take Your Business To The Next Level.

Steel types of steel

Buy The Best Steel In The Market To Take Your Business To The Next Level.

Steel is truly the backbone of industry around the world. The application of steel is unlimited, from making cookware and utensils to automotive parts to making various tools and moulds for various industries. 

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Iron and steel are the backbone of industries around the world. There are many reasons why steel is the preferred metal over others in its category.

Low production cost-

 Steel has a low production cost in comparison to other materials of its type. The energy required to extract iron ore is a quarter of what is required in aluminum extraction.

Environment friendly-

Steel is environmentally friendly. It can be recycled over and over again without any discrepancy in its property and quality.


Steel is maybe the only material in the world to be available in so many grades and types, making it the most versatile metal. This results in its usage in a large number of industries.

L6 Tool Steel is an oil-hardening steel that is used in places where a good combination of hardness, toughness, and wear resistance is required. L6 Tool Steel Punjab is one of the best quality steel in the market.


Stainless steel is a versatile and corrosion-resistant material. It is an alloy of iron. It is made through a complex manufacturing process. It is among the most popular metal materials for industrial manufacturing. It can be used to make a host of different types of articles from utensils to cookware to automotive parts to equipment for chemical manufacturing. 

Stainless steel is not just one metal but a category of metals that share similar properties but have their differences as well. Choosing the correct type of stainless steel will improve the performance manifold.

Types of stainless steel

There are mainly five categories of stainless steel:


Austenitic SS is known as having the highest Chromium content and normal Nickel and a lower amount of carbon. And also shows NON-Magnetic nature, and also Austenitic SS are not -heat treatment alloys. Austenitic SS can be cold-worked which is enhancement of hardness and strength and improvement of corrosion Resistance. Austenitic stainless steel is more expensive than ferrite SS but more durable and more Corrosion Resistance than the FSS.


This type of stainless steel contains high levels of chromium and low levels of carbon, which makes it less ductile than austenitic stainless steel but more corrosion resistant. It is commonly used in automotive and appliance applications.


Martensitic steel is achieved by heating until the atoms rearrange, then quenching rapidly to make it stay in that condition. Martensite is harder and more resistant to deformation than Austenite forms of steel, but it is somewhat less resistant to corrosion. Martensitic stainless is used in knives, scalpels, and razor blades.


Duplex stainless steels are so called because their metallurgical structure consists of two phases, austenite and ferrite in roughly equal proportions. They are used for their good mechanical properties 

Precipitation hardened-

Precipitation-hardening stainless steel is known as the strongest stainless steel. These grades are designed to achieve a combination of high strength and corrosion resistance through a process called precipitation hardening.


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