Buy The Best Steel In The Market To Take Your Business To The Next Level.

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Buy The Best Steel In The Market To Take Your Business To The Next Level.

Steel is truly the backbone of industry around the world. The application of steel is unlimited, from making cookware and utensils to automotive parts to making various tools and moulds for various industries. 

If you are in the market hoping to buy the best quality steel at competitive prices from a trustable supplier, then you must visit the best Steel Dealers in Punjab. Various companies have been supplying the best quality steel to their customers for many decades.

Steel manufacturing companies supply well-fabricated, reasonable steel products. They supply various types of steel at affordable prices based on rigorous market analysis.


Iron and steel are the backbone of industries around the world. There are many reasons why steel is the preferred metal over others in its category.

Low production cost-

 Steel has a low production cost in comparison to other materials of its type. The energy required to extract iron ore is a quarter of what is required in aluminum extraction.

Environment friendly-

Steel is environmentally friendly. It can be recycled over and over again without any discrepancy in its property and quality.


Steel is maybe the only material in the world to be available in so many grades and types, making it the most versatile metal. This results in its usage in a large number of industries.

L6 Tool Steel is an oil-hardening steel that is used in places where a good combination of hardness, toughness, and wear resistance is required. L6 Tool Steel Punjab is one of the best quality steel in the market.


Stainless steel is a versatile and corrosion-resistant material. It is an alloy of iron. It is made through a complex manufacturing process. It is among the most popular metal materials for industrial manufacturing. It can be used to make a host of different types of articles from utensils to cookware to automotive parts to equipment for chemical manufacturing. 

Stainless steel is not just one metal but a category of metals that share similar properties but have their differences as well. Choosing the correct type of stainless steel will improve the performance manifold.

Types of stainless steel

There are mainly five categories of stainless steel:


Austenitic SS is known as having the highest Chromium content and normal Nickel and a lower amount of carbon. And also shows NON-Magnetic nature, and also Austenitic SS are not -heat treatment alloys. Austenitic SS can be cold-worked which is enhancement of hardness and strength and improvement of corrosion Resistance. Austenitic stainless steel is more expensive than ferrite SS but more durable and more Corrosion Resistance than the FSS.


This type of stainless steel contains high levels of chromium and low levels of carbon, which makes it less ductile than austenitic stainless steel but more corrosion resistant. It is commonly used in automotive and appliance applications.


Martensitic steel is achieved by heating until the atoms rearrange, then quenching rapidly to make it stay in that condition. Martensite is harder and more resistant to deformation than Austenite forms of steel, but it is somewhat less resistant to corrosion. Martensitic stainless is used in knives, scalpels, and razor blades.


Duplex stainless steels are so called because their metallurgical structure consists of two phases, austenite and ferrite in roughly equal proportions. They are used for their good mechanical properties 

Precipitation hardened-

Precipitation-hardening stainless steel is known as the strongest stainless steel. These grades are designed to achieve a combination of high strength and corrosion resistance through a process called precipitation hardening.


If you are looking to buy some good quality stainless steel, then you can visit BK Steel Company. You can find the best steel at affordable prices. 

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Different Types Of Steel Used In The Automobile Industry: A Guide

When we talk about the fastest-growing industries in the world, the Automobile industry remains at the top of the list. As the growth takes place, a number of integrations are made in the industry and the same is the case with the automobile industry.

 You will notice 1.2714 steel suppliers in the Automobile industry; you may also notice AI & robots in the industry who are helping with the manufacturing and production of the products.

 A lot of steel dealer in Punjab are providing different types of high-quality steel to the automobile industry in various places. In this blog, let us look at all the different types of steel used in the automobile industry.

Different Types of Steel Used in The Automobile Industry 

Here is the list of different types of steel used in the automobile industry:

1- Advanced High-Strength Steel:

 This is one of the most used steel for production in the automobile industry, the major reason behind it is the alloys used and additional layers that are added in the steel, with the help of which you get enhanced strength and a protection layer is already imposed on this steel that offers a long-life to your car.

 A number of car manufacturers are working on enhancing the overall quality and strength of advanced high-strength steel so that it directly improves the overall safety features of the car.

 2- High Carbon Steel:

 The next most used steel type is high carbon steel with high carbon value. Although, due to the high carbon value, steel’s ductile nature reduces, you can expect greater strength and hardness from this type of steel.

 This type of steel is used to make car chassis and doors that need to be rigid.

3- Low Carbon Steel:

Here is the third type of steel used in the automobile industry: low-carbon steel. This type of steel has a high ductility value, with the help of which it can be formed into any shape or design easily.

 Low-carbon steel helps create body parts of cars that deal with the vehicle’s stability.

Tips To Select The Best Steel Supplier 

No matter what type of steel is used in the automobile industry, you must deal with the right supplier to make the best use of it. Here are a few tips for selecting the best steel supplier:

       Make sure to review a steel supplier’s reviews that will give you a good enough idea about their products and services.

       You can ask for referrals from your friends or family members. There is a high chance that someone from your connections must have used services from a steel supplier. You can get in touch with them.

       Always keep a close look around your budget and select the right option.


The automobile industry uses different types of steel for various purposes. We hope you were able to learn about them through this post. Contact BK Steel Company for the best quality steel.

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Choose The Right Steel For The Long Life Of Your Building

Just imagine you are constructing your building; you want everything linked with the construction to be high-quality and reliable. So people will choose the right cement, bricks, and other construction-related stuff.

But they will forget to get the best quality structural steel for their building, leading to many future problems such as concrete breakage.

In this post, we will talk about the benefits of using structural steel for your building, not just; we will also look at a few ways to select high-quality structural steel.

If you plan to build your home or building soon, this post is a must-read for you.

How to select the best structural steel?

 There are several factors based on which you can select the best structural steel for the construction of your house or building; let us have a look at some of those factors:

  • The grade of structural steel plays a crucial role; ensure you always select higher-grade steel. Usually, the grade of steel ranges from FE450 to FE550. The higher the grade of steel, the better the strength and quality of your structural steel.
  • Make sure that the ductility of the structural steel you chose is higher. This way, you can easily bend your steel rods in any shape and size, which directly helps in the overall construction.
  • Although there are no such ways to know if the steel rods you select are resistant to corrosion. But you can get in touch with various steel distributor company in Ludhiana to get the best steel rods.
  • If you choose steel rods that are corrosion free, then you can expect high strength value from those steel rods for a long time.

Benefits of Using Structural Steel for your building

 In this section, we are going to have a look at the benefits of using structural steel such as 1.2714 steel and more:

  • Using high-quality structural steel can enhance the safety factor linked with your house or building. After a few years, bad steel rods start destroying themselves, but when you choose a high-quality steel rod, you will be able to take advantage of them for a long time.
  • Using high-quality stainless steel can decrease your construction cost, as you can use less construction material to add strength to your steel rods.
  • In the future, if you want to increase the size of your building, then you can easily do that with the help of high-quality structural steel. Secondly, you would be able to work on the designing part of your building with better quality steel rods.


Structural steel is a really important factor of your house or building, make sure to follow all the points mentioned to invest in a high-quality structural steel only. If you are looking for 1.2714 steel suppliers then BK Steel Company is the best steel distributor company in Ludhiana.

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Understanding the Different Types of Steel Used in the Automotive Industry

Steel is an important material utilized in the automotive industry because of its strength, durability, and versatility. It is essential for assuring the functionality and safety of automobiles. An automobile’s body, engine, and suspension system are all constructed of different types of steel.

This article is for you if you’re seeking best steel dealers in Punjab or alloy steel Punjab for your automotive industry. We’ll also examine the many steel varieties utilized in the automotive sector and how they affect the general standard of a car.

High-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel

One of the most well-known types of steel utilized in the automotive industry is HSLA steel. This kind of steel is known for its high strength and low weight, making it ideal for use in vehicle structures. HSLA steel is additionally profoundly impervious to erosion, which assists with broadening the life expectancy of the vehicle.

Advanced high-strength steel (AHSS)

AHSS is one more sort of steel utilized in the automotive industry. It offers significantly more prominent strength and weight decrease contrasted with HSLA steel, because of its exceptional compound piece and assembling process. AHSS is regularly utilized in the body and skeleton of vehicles, as well as in security basic parts like door beams and bumpers.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is generally utilized in automotive exhaust frameworks because of its high protection from consumption and intensity. It is likewise utilized in different pieces of the vehicle, like trim and enhancing highlights. Stainless steel is likewise exceptionally solid and simple to clean, going with it a well known decision for automotive applications.

Galvanized steel

Galvanized steel is covered with a layer of zinc to safeguard against erosion. It is regularly utilized in the automotive industry for parts that are presented to brutal conditions, for example, suspension parts and body boards. Galvanized steel is likewise a practical choice for automakers, as it is moderately cheap to deliver.

Carbon steel

Carbon steel is a flexible material utilized in different applications all through the automotive industry. It is generally utilized in the creation of motor parts, as well as in the production of casings and suspension parts. Carbon steel is additionally profoundly impervious to mileage, making it ideal for high-stress applications.

If you’re in the automotive industry and searching for steel dealers in Punjab or alloy steel in Punjab, BK Steel Company has got you covered. We give top-notch steel items to meet the different requirements of our clients. Whether you’re searching for HSLA steel, AHSS, treated steel, aroused steel, or carbon steel, we have the ability and assets to convey the best items at cutthroat costs.


Understanding the different types of steel utilized in the automotive industry is urgent for guaranteeing the safety, execution, and durability of vehicles. By picking the right type of steel for your automotive business, you can work on the general nature of your items and improve consumer loyalty.

If you have any inquiries regarding our items and services, make it a point to BK Steel Company, one of the main steel dealers in Punjab.

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Time to make yourself familiar with the different types of steel

Know a more about steel

Steel is one of the most popular construction choices for various engineering materials. Steel is a strong and hard material that comes with the flexibility to be used for various materials. That’s the reason the demand for well-known and reputed Steel distributor Company in Ludhiana is always something to look out for. It’s all about fulfilling the requirements of the business and ensuring the final properties stand out in all possible ways. The right composition and physical properties of the steel are different with every option, so it’s about considering the one that is perfect for your specific requirement. Steel manufacturing, along with carbon and other alloy material, is known for its hardening approach and ensures the dislocation won’t be there. Basically, the steel stands out for its:

  • Hardness
  • Ductility
  • Tensile strength

In combination with everything, it’s the collective approach that makes a huge difference in terms of everything. Steel is strong, versatile, and known for being resilient. It’s even right to say that steel industries are known for boosting overall economic development because of how amazing it is in terms of qualities and ensuring the material can be well used for various factors.

Different types of steel

The steel categories are divided into carbon and alloy steel, considering the different types and options that are available.

Carbon steel

Carbon steel is not contested that much, and there’s the presence of sulfur, silicon, phosphorus, and manganese. Considering the properties and features of the said material, it’s known to have carbon in content amount and only a minor influence in terms of materials. There are further 4 categories of carbon steel:

  • Low carbon steel
  • Medium carbon steel
  • High carbon steel
  • Very high carbon steel

With each category of carbon steel, there are some other features and properties that look simply the best. The increased tensile strength, perfect for welding, acceptable in different welds, and the right control over mechanical properties make it look all interesting & perfect.

Alloy steel

Alloy steel is another solid category of steel that includes the combination of one or more elements considering the ability to have a perfect property and overall intriguing features. In terms of external elements, there are manganese, nickel, silicon, boron, vanadium, molybdenum, and other elements to make the overall features stand out. The alloy steel is further divided into two different categories:

  • Low alloy steel

The low alloy steel requires the right amount of carbon content that’s kept around between 0.25%, and welding requires 0.15%. For the corrosion resistance environment, the said choice is known to make the appropriate one.

  • High alloy steel

High alloy steel contains elements that have a weight of more than 8% and the right classification with carbon & steel. In terms of overall flexibility and reliability, this is something worth considering.