What Is 1.2379 Steel? Uses, Suitable, Application, and Why Choose 1.2379 Steel

Cold Work Tool Steels

What Is 1.2379 Steel? Uses, Suitable, Application, and Why Choose 1.2379 Steel

Carbon and alloy steel make a variety of tools through tool steel. This steel makes hand tools and machine equipment parts. Hardness, resistance, and toughness to convert and soften resistance at high temperatures. When steel reaches high-temperature conditions, it makes harder resistance tool steel. Some types of tool steel have different grades, such as water hardening, air hardening, oil hardening, cold work hardening tools, heat work hardening tools, and shock resisting types. 

Cold work tool steel 

Cold work tool steel involves oil hardening (O series), air hardening (A series)and high carbon chromium ( D series). All types of steel are used to cut and form materials at low-temperature conditions. This process goes step by step, such as hardness and wear resistance, low toughness and heat softening resistance. Cold Work Tool Steel India is used to make large parts or parts that require a minimum distortion during hardening. High level of hardness used for making knife blades. High Carbon chromium is low machinability, but oil hardening is a high type.   

1.2379 steel

This material 1.2379 is a high carbon, high chromium, air hardening cold work steel. It has great strength cutting. This steel has many different applications. When you want high resistance and great compression strength for a large range of production of cold work tools, then 1.2379 steel is used. They are given a high-pressure resistance, and it is a high-resistance adhesive and abrasive wear.

Uses of 1.2379 

1.2379 steel used for typical applications such as

  • Knife
  • Machine parts
  • Cutting dies
  • Shear blades
  • Injection
  • Stamping dies, 
  • Tool
  • Blanking, trim dies
  • Master parts, wear parts
  • Sharp chopper

Why choose 1.2379 steel

High chromium alloy carbon in the D2 makes a great resistance to wear from sliding contact with other metals. 1.2379 steel has a high wear resistance to create a tough knife. This steel has a high chromium, high alloy carbon, and cold work tool steel. High carbon steel heaving advantages are high heat resistance and excellent wear resistance, so it easily reaches high hardening resistance. It also has disadvantages: it has quick form carbide aggregation and creates a high hardness. 


Good-grade steel makes various types of tool applications in a wide range. Typical application is made through stainless steel tools such as punching and blanking. This steel creates and uses many applications like abrasive polymer to mold plastics, cutting tools, machine knives, forming tools, thread rolling tools, blending parts, trimming tools, etc.  

1.2379 character 

Hardening to high alloy steel with moderate machinability, wear resistance, low warpage, high stability, hardening, and toughness. It is used for paper-cutting tools, knives, coining moulds, rolling mills, and forming moulds. High wear resistance, excellent cutting strength, and good firmness in the pressure. It works on different types of heat abilities. 

  • Cool work oil steel
  • Cold work tools  
  • High wear resistance 


Cold cutting tools: all types of cutting tools used for a long period with cutting hardness and thickness materials and punching or different steel shapes.

The knife is plate shear sheets with a thickness of sheared materials and used for cutting the wire, etc. 

Mechanical work such as girder, drawing, punching, etc. 

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