Learning A To Z About Steel And The Best Steel Manufacturers.


Learning A To Z About Steel And The Best Steel Manufacturers.

If you are in the market hoping to buy the best quality steel at competitive prices from a trustable supplier, then you must visit the best Steel Dealers in Punjab. Various companies  have been supplying the best quality steel to its customers for many decades.

Steel manufacturing companies supply well-fabricated, reasonable steel products. They supply various types of steel at affordable prices based on rigorous market analysis.

Steel distribution companies also cater to customers who need materials in a short notice period while ensuring that the quality of various types of steel is not compromised. Smaller lead time does not affect the quality of the products in the slightest.


Iron and steel are the backbone of industries around the world. There are many reasons why steel is the preferred metal over others in its category. 

  • Low production cost- Steel has a low production cost in comparison to other materials of its type. The energy required to extract iron ore is a quarter of what is required in aluminum extraction.
  • Environment friendly- Steel is environmentally friendly. It can be recycled over and over again without any discrepancy in its property and quality.
  • Variety- Steel is maybe the only material in the world to be available in so many grades and types, making it the most versatile metal. This results in its usage in a large number of industries.


Some of the types of steel supplied are:

a)L6 Tool Steel- It is an oil-hardening steel that is used in places where a good combination of hardness, toughness, and wear resistance is required. L6 Tool Steel Punjab is one of the best quality steel in the market.

b)High-Speed Steel (HSS)- HSS is one of the leading varieties of steel used in the industries. It is the most commonly used material in cutting tools. The primary materials used in HSS are metal carbide and steel substrate. They can be used at high temperatures like five hundred degree Celsius.

c)Cold Work Tool Steel- This is essentially high carbon steel with relatively less alloy elements like tungsten, molybdenum, etc added to it. This type of steel is used to make tools to cut or form materials at relatively low temperatures between two hundred to four hundred degree celsius. They are used to make dyes and cutleries.

d)Plastic Moulding Steel- This type of steel is very stable against heating. They can be polished easily and effectively. They are used for manufacturing moulds for plastic container making.

e)Alloy Steel- Steel combined with more than one element(eg.nickel, Vanadium etc.) to increase its strength, hardness etc. This is used in many leading industries to make machinery.

f)Hot Work Tool Steel- It is  carbon steel alloyed with tungsten, molybdenum and other elements. Addition of these elements increases the quality of steel. It is used in manufacturing hot work tools, die casting tools, extrusion tools etc.


  • High hardness 
  • Increased heat resistance
  • Increased wear resistance
  • Excellent shock absorbent properties
  • resistance against chipping.
  • Good polishability
  • High impact strength


Using good quality steel is a must in a successful industry, hence you must buy your supply only from trusted suppliers like BK Steel Company. This will ensure that the goods you produce are high quality and best in the market.