Increase in Russian steel imports in India

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Increase in Russian steel imports in India

One of the most used materials is Steel. We see Steel everywhere, and there are numerous machines. There are several applications of this(Steel) metal. It has wide applications in the steel and automobile industries. There are many Steel plants and Steel Dealers in Punjab. Punjab is one of the most industrialist areas and greatly needs Steel.

.While talking about Steel, one of the most excellent types of Steel is L6 tool steel. L6 tool steel is a particular grade of alloy steel used to make Dies, springs, Tools, etc. There are plenty of dealers for L6 Tool Steel in Punjab. 

Every year India imports tonnes of Steel for industrial needs. Let’s find out how much steel India imports from which country in this article.

Steel Import:

According to the Data, India is the world’s second-largest crude steel producer. Even then, India imports a tremendous amount of Steel from other countries. Steel import data from foreign countries are explained. Let’s take a deeper look into the imports and data reports from the countries which have a significant role in the steel import in India. 

Steel import from Russia:

India imported an enormous amount of Steel from Russia from January to April. The demand for Russian Steel rose in the Indian market and increased dramatically. 

The main reason for the enormous import of Russian Steel rose is the trade shift of Russia towards Asia. Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many Western countries imposed sanctions on Russia. After the Russian-Ukraine crisis, there was a change in the regular supplier and the domestic steel manufacturers/producers, and they are losing market share to the potentially low cost. 

Steel import from Moscow:

After 2016/17, Moscow has become India’s fourth biggest steel supplier. From January to April, Moscow emerged as one of India’s top 5 steel suppliers. 

More than 70% of Moscow’s total steel production is imported into India. Moscow supplies HRC (Hot Rolled Coiled ) and Strips to India.

Displace of other steel importers by Russia:

For the first time in the last eight, Russia just displaced Japan, which was the second largest exporter of Steel to India. India buys about 46000 per tonne HRC from Russia, which is 21% more reasonable than the domestic price.

 Indian steel export: 

Russia not only exports Steel but also imports Steel from India. Stainless steels from India have great demand in the Russian market. In India, many Industries have an enormous need for Steel as raw material for many reasons. But it is challenging to find all kinds and all grades of Steel at one point.

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