Is it easy to choose high-quality steel according to your needs?

Steel Supplier

Is it easy to choose high-quality steel according to your needs?

Steel is an essential construction material. Steel use in every aspect of our life, such as in construction, machines, cars, ships, and many more. If you are looking for high-quality steel, you must contact a well-known Steel distributor Company in Ludhiana.

Are you in search of quality cold-working tool steel? Cold-working tool steel used in various things such as plastic molds, taps, broaches, forming and banding rolls, and mandrels. Contact a well-known 1.2714 Steel Suppliers for high-quality cold-working tool steel.

Variety of steel

  • Tool steel

  • Stainless steel

  • Carbon steel

  • Alloy steel

Tool steel

Tool steel is a type of steel utilized in making tools. Tool steel is steel manufactured in carefully controlled conditions. It is a high-quality material. It is a type of alloy and carbon steel used for tooling.

Characteristics of tool steel

  • Hardness

  • It can retain shape at high temperature

  • High durability

Stainless steel

Steel is a mixture of carbon and iron. Stainless steel carries 10.5% of chromium and 1.2 % of carbon. As a result, it has more corrosion resistance.

The uses of stainless steel

  • Constructions

  • Heavy industries

  • Medical

  • Cookware

  • Bridges

  • aircrafts

Carbon steel

Carbon steel is another type of steel with 0.05% carbon. It is a combination of carbon and iron. Carbon steel use in various applications, such as mechanical and civil constructions.

The uses of carbon steel

  • Machine parts

  • Cutting tools

  • Hot water radiators

  • Milling machines

  • blades

Alloy steel

It is a type of steel made with a mixture of a variety of elements. Various elements such as nickel, cobalt, silicon, boron, manganese, and chromium used in alloy steel. It is an iron-based material. Alloy steel is used in various applications, such as manufacturing pipes.

Uses of alloy steel

  • Constructions of building

  • Roads

  • Bridges

  • Pipelines

  • Electronics

  • Medical equipments

Is alloy steel better than stainless steel?

Alloys steel is generally less resistant to corrosion. On the other hand, stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion as compared to alloy steel. The surface finish could be better in alloy steel, but in stainless steel, the surface finish is excellent. Alloys steel is meld using carbon, and stainless steel is meld using chromium. There are two various alloys that result in different corrosion resistance.

Important things to consider while choosing steel

  • Purpose of the steel product

  • Operating environment

  • Strength

  • Heat treatment ability

What are the qualities of good steel?

  • Durability

  • Low maintenance

  • Temperature resistant

  • Corrosion resistant

If these qualities match the steel, you can feel free to buy steel according to your need. Steel is an integral part of engineering and construction materials. Steel is a livable and most recycled material. The best and high-quality steel is only available at BK Steel Company. They are the leading steel distributors. They deal in all kinds of top-quality steel.if you are unable to find a company that deal in high quality steel, you can feel free to contact us or visit our official website