Everything You Need To Know About Mild Steel: Uses & Advantages

Mild Steel

Everything You Need To Know About Mild Steel: Uses & Advantages

Whenever you are constructing or building something, various types of materials are used, and one of those materials is steel. Although steel comes in several options, the most used steel for construction work is Mild steel, which you can easily get from 1.2714 steel suppliers.

In this blog, we will discuss everything about Mild steel and BK Steel Company, one of the most reliable steel dealers in Punjab that can help you supply mild steel for your requirements.

What is Mild Steel?

 Mild steel is one such type comprising a lower amount of carbon than generic steel types. For example, within mild steel, you could find 0.05% to 0.25% of carbon by weight in it.

Although when we talk about other types of steel, you will find 0.3% to 3% carbon by weight in them.

Although most people are confused about why there is a new type of steel comprising less carbon in it, as with less carbon, the strength decreases. But in reality, with the help of mild steel, the ductility of steel increases, also the steel becomes more weldable.

Benefits of Mild Steel

 Mild steel is full of advantages. Let us have a look at some of them:

1- Cost-effective:

When you are looking for the most affordable steel option, it’s mild steel. The best part of mild steel is, firstly you can buy it easily. Secondly, you can use this type of steel almost everywhere.

No matter if you are working in the construction sector or machine building sector. Mild steel is going to help you in every working sector.

2- More ductile:

If you are looking for a type of steel with great ductility properties, then mild steel is the right option. You can bend it up to your requirements, and it will fulfill your goals without breaking them.

Although it is ductile, this does not mean that this steel is not powerful. On the contrary, it has a perfect proportion of ductile and strength factors.

3- Weldable:

Most steels with a higher carbon value need to be weldable. But mild steel is the perfect option for you when we are looking for steel that offers weldable features. Hence it becomes a significant reason behind mild steel being used in the welding and steel products industry.

Most of the gates, railings, and other products are mild steel.

4- Recyclable:

Firstly with the help of the magnetic properties of mild steel, it can be quickly figured out from waste materials. Secondly, you can easily recycle this type of steel to make similar products and use it again.

Most people think that recyclable mild steel will lose its strength, but that’s not the case.

5- Can be carburized:

Mild steel has a lower tensile strength than other types of steel, but with the help of the carburization process, you can easily heat this steel with carbon and bring back its strength.


Mild steel is perfect for plenty of purposes, such as construction, welding, machine building, and more. Contact BK Steel Company to get high-quality mild steel and fulfill your requirements.